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The Calgary real estate stats will give you a better idea of how the market is behaving. As far as the Calgary Real estate trend is concerned, you will find an increase in the sale of homes, which are selling faster at a rate of 9.4% compared to previous month.

Time It Takes To Sell a Property

If we go by Calgary real estate statistics, you will find that the number of days a property was listed was for 60 days in January 2018. Compare this figure to the same month last year, the average MLS® listing sold within 53 days, including townhouses, condos, apartments, single family and attached houses in Calgary.

Active MLS® Listings

The number of active listings may indicate a shifting market since the difference between the supply and demand can influence the prices of real estate. The Calgary Real estate trend shows that the number of active listings stood at 4,623 units in January 2018, registering an increase of 12.5% if we compare the statistics to 2017 January.

Sold Listings in Calgary

When it comes to checking the Calgary real estate stats, you will find that 958 properties were sold in the previous month. There is a slight fall in the sale, as 1,006 units were sold in December 2017. However, if we compare the sold properties on a year-by-year basis, the figure is positive, with 1.6% increase in the sale of sold units.

New Listings in Calgary

Calgary Real estate trend shows an increase by 3.2% in the number of new listings in January 2018 compared to the same time previous year. If you make a month-to-month comparison, there is a rise in the number of new listings in Calgary. This may be due to the seasonal cycle of the housing market.

Homes Sold Above Asking Price

There has been an increasing demand for quality homes in the city of Calgary. The number of properties sold at equal or higher than the asking price has risen.

Pace of the Market

What is the interest of homebuyers in the real estate of Calgary? Well, if you check the Calgary real estate trend, you will find that the number of months of inventory indicates a supply of 4.83 months. This means if buyers are interested to acquire real estate at the present rate, it would take 4.83 months to buy the existing number of properties.

The Odds of Selling

What are the chances of selling a property in Calgary? If you check the Calgary real estate stats, you will get an idea about the number of properties sold compared to the available listings in a particular month. The January 2018 Calgary real estate statistics indicate that 20.7% of the listings were sold. The statistics reveal that 79.3% of homeowners could not sell their properties on MLS listing. As a result, the properties either became an expired listing or were terminated upon the seller’s request.

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