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Calgary Post Tension Cable Buildings

Condos with Post Tension Cables Calgary

Four decades ago, the vast majority of buildings throughout the Calgary area were constructed with construction based on a post-tension cable system that consisted of at least one horizontal concrete slabs. Over forty years later, there are still many different types of structures that are being built through the use of a similar construction technique. Why is it is such a popular and effective approach?

A Basic Post Tension Cables Overview

The core element of this particular method of construction is the set of high-quality steel strands placed within plastic tubing either with oil or even grease in order to minimize the risk of long-term corrosion. The strands are cast in different directions within the actual slab itself and the strands are then tensioned directly against the concrete at both ends. In most cases, you might even be able to see the actual plugs concealing the cable end that has been tensioned. Why is it that there are many people and professionals within the construction industry that are skeptical and concerned overall when it comes to this particular technique?

A Major Concern to Consider with Post Tension Cables Buildings

Keep in mind that steel cables can easily become victims of an excessive amount of corrosion and even deterioration over time if oxygen and water enter directly through the actual crack itself. Even though this might not seem to be a major issue at first, it can eventually become a major issue that leads to the drastic reduction of the ability of the slab to support the full weight.

It may even eventually lead to a pricey replacement being required, especially if the damage escalated to a point where repair is no longer a viable option. These are all important issues that need to be taken into consideration, which is why quite a few construction companies and contractors have strayed away from this type of construction in recent years.

A Key to Long-Term Quality & Support

The best approach to take when it comes to maintaining a high-level of quality and support with your post-tension cabling system is to make sure that you have a professional team of trained and experienced technicians and specialists to take care of it for you. Preventative maintenance is the key, especially if you do not want to be overwhelmed with a hefty repair or replacement bill later. However, with the right experts by your side now, you will not have to worry about dealing with the major concerns and hazardous problems that many times result from having this type of cabling system in place.