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Calgary Real Estate – Market Report

Calgary real estate has stayed fairly stagnant in March. It looks buyers expect something excited to invest in the real estate. Calgary housing stats from the Canadian Real Estate Association show that real estate prices registered a minimal increase (0.3 percent) in March 2018 as compared to March 2017.

Things look brighter and better for Calgary homeowners. The Calgary market report shows that the province has started to crawl out of the economic slump and rising oil prices. On top of it, the improving economic market conditions send positive signals that promise a lucrative business for the Calgary realtors.

Real estate market report Calgary tells that only a fifth of the neighborhoods reported a price slump last year. This surely means good news for Calgary, especially as 25% of Calgary’s communities had reported price slump in the previous year.

According to the latest Calgary market report, single-family homes may see slow growth and sales this year. Contrarily, multi-family dwellings might see a flood of buyers as the year comes to an end.

Another positive trend expected to unravel this year is for attached homes, including Calgary townhomes and duplexes. More than 4,276 deals are expected this year, which is a significant increase from 2017.

Apartments are also expected to register improved sales. The real estate market report Calgary shows a positive trend for apartments and expects to see sales go up.  Calgary housing stats show that as many as 2,898 units are expected to sell in 2018.

Further, new Calgary home listings will rise in 2018, with almost 34,354 units expected to be added to the real estate market this year.

Calgary’s resale market has seen price decline over the past two years. The trend is expected to continue in 2018, according to the real estate market report Calgary.  Buyers have a lot of choice, which keeps the real estate market in buyers’ territory. With buyers having a good selection of homes to choose from at affordable prices, the Calgary real estate market can be expected to see a jump in growth.


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