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Calgary Population and Real Estate

Its location in the sunny eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains places Calgary in a mesmerizing position, with the spectacular site of the comingling of the Bow and Elbow rivers. The city is surrounded by profoundly beautiful surroundings in the form of an unspoiled natural environment. Calgary population has grown over the years to cross the 1.2 million mark, thanks to the city’s abundance of resources, proximity to the downtown, convenience transportation facilities, and well-developed real estate. Ranked as the fifth most livable city, Calgary boasts a range of communities, with each attracting hordes of potential home buyers.

High quality of life, numerous housing opportunities, developed city core, and affordable Calgary real estate pricing makes the city a hot favorite with one and all, be it entrepreneurs, students, young families, or professionals. People of all budgets prefer to flock to Calgary and settle down in the city. As a result, the Calgary population is growing steadily.


Calgary Real Estate

Fueled by immense population growth, ballooning employment opportunities, low interest rates, Calgary experiences a rocking sales growth of more than 9.4 percent. Calgary real estate market is one of the most desirable places to invest in Canada.

Since 2010, the average price of homes has been rising steadily in Calgary, registering a whopping 45 percent increase in a decade. Based on the rising Calgary population and widespread popularity of the city, Calgary remains one of the most desirable places to invest and settle down in Canada. Prices are expected to steadily rise in the future, creating a ripple down effect. As a result, the value of Calgary real estate will rise accordingly. No doubt, all these factors make Calgary a lucrative investment site. This contributes to the growth of Calgary population, resulting in ballooning growth of Calgary real estate.

Low unemployment levels, growing demand for homes, rising home values, low interest rates, and increased population pave the way for growth of Calgary real estate.