Start your house search for new houses for sale Calgary by using these tips to make your task easy

Calgary, the 4th largest city in Canada, is an excellent market to invest in real estate for many reasons. The prospects of rental income from Calgary properties are high and steady. The inventory of rental properties in the city has maintained a steady level over the years. With the expansion of the rental market, the pressure on rents has become quite evident. Since the rental market remains unregulated and a free market, rents keep increasing in the face of stagnated supply. The market shortage pushes up rents much higher than expected, and real estate investors can reap the benefits. Therefore, investing in Calgary real estate is always high on the cards for real estate investors.

There are plenty of new houses for sale Calgary, and the listing figures of January 2021 are quite encouraging as it shows a sharp rise of almost 92% over the December 2020 listings. Whether you want to buy a house for living or as an investment property, the time could be right for you as benchmark prices that have seen a steady decline over the last 5 years are now going to change their direction upwards. Taking too much time to decide could make the targeted property slip out of your hands.

Involve a real estate agent

Start your property Calgary search without further delay with the assistance and guidance of a reliable and professional real estate agent who either works in an individual capacity or for some reputed real estate company like Lee Yousef & Associate.  Despite involving a real estate agent, you must be aware of the different steps to go through and the property features to look for so that you can judge the quality of work of your agent. Accepting everything that the agent says blindly might not work well for you as there are chances of overlooking some aspects that could be important for you. Stay alongside the real estate agent and monitor the working modalities to match them with your expectations so that you can get the best results.

The role of real estate agents - new houses for sale Calgary

Since real estate agents operate in specific areas across Calgary, choose an agent who operates in and around your selected location. Use the agent's expertise to gather information about the market condition, property types available, and the price trends according to localities that help strengthen your property search. The agent will also educate you about the various stages in purchasing real estate that revolves around creating a budget and arranging finances. You can use the agent to assist in negotiations to strike a good deal within your budget and even help in closure. The better is your collaboration with the real estate agent, the better will be the outcome.

Consider the cost of acquisition

During budgeting, the real estate agent can help you understand the importance of considering the total cost of purchase that includes the basic price of the property and taxes, closure costs that include administrative fees, lawyers, insurance, maintenance cost, etc.  Knowing the total cost of acquiring the property for holding on to it for a long time will help plan for finances accordingly.  Knowing the long term financial requirements ensures that you can comfortably hold on to the property and increase its equity over time.

Time your home purchase correctly

When you buy a home to live in, ensure that you can spend a long time there because the investment is high and perhaps the biggest purchase of your lifetime. Moreover, you must purchase the property at the right time when the price goes through moderation like it is now happening due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. It will give you various options of using the property in different ways if you prefer not to live there. Your real estate agent can provide enough insights to help you decide if it is the right time for you to buy the property.

Now let us look at some property features that you must consider.


Where you want to stay in Calgary is the most crucial consideration during the home search. Evaluate your family's needs and wants by looking at factors like the distance you have to commute for attending the office, the travel time of your kids to school, and the distance from the market and banks. Give value to the convenience of accessing the location by matching your family's daily routine so that it becomes comfortable for everyone. 

Interior layout

 Calgary builders offer a wide variety of floor plans, and there are enough options to match your requirements. There is no reason to panic and compromise because if you have the patience and shop around, it should not be difficult to tick all the right boxes and get precisely what you want. Be firm on your requirements, and there will always be some builder to meet your expectations.

House orientation

The house orientation is a critical factor that influences the amount of natural light and heat that the property receives during the day, impacting the need for utilities to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. In turn, it will influence your energy bills. An east facing home will receive ample natural light from morning till evening, but it would require enough utilities to keep the home cool during the summer months. On the other hand, a north facing house will receive less natural light. Still, the interiors will remain cooler naturally during summer and save cost by lowering the use of utilities.


The location and position of your home should ensure the level of privacy you desire. Check your neighboring houses' position and the placement of your windows to understand how much privacy you can enjoy. Taking a walk around the house's perimeter will helpassess the level of privacy available and the chances of improving it. See how much comfortable you will be with the current setting.

A better understanding of your idea about the ideal property will help to get the right one. However, get a home inspection done even for a new property to be safe than sorry.


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