A Buyers' Guide to Find the Most Reliable Real Estate Agent in Calgary

The fact is completely undeniable that finding a home in Calgary can be viewed as an art and science. Buying a house is probably the most significant financial decision of your life and in this case, you may require someone expert who not only has intense knowledge in real estate but is also committed by your side. Whether you're seeking a house or a condo, the mission of homeownership has a variety of levels. In order to get you the most excellent dwelling in Calgary, we have brought you a comprehensive buyers' guide to find the most reliable Calgary real estate agent to get the house of your dreams.

This all-inclusive guide will not only assist you to find the most reliable real estate agent but also lead you to have a crystalline survey of how to manage the mission of purchasing a home in Calgary while incorporating the relevant aspects such as-

  • How to acquire pre-approval for the mortgage.
  • Steps to estimate your overall budget.
  • Assessing the hidden or “invisible costs” that general buyers are usually ignorant of.
  • How to formulate a love/wish-list for your selected houses.
  • A general idea regarding how the home hunting program operates.
  • Tricks to inspect the most suitable homes with your agent.
  • How the proposal to buy works.

More precisely speaking, we have meticulously evaluated how to determine a real estate company of agents who can accompany you throughout the whole course. So, let's begin with-

How to Choose the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent?

When you make a mind to buy a dream house in Calgary, your first obligation is to assemble a company of experts and accredited executives who will smartly assure your house purchasing adventure to be an obstinate, delightful, informative, and successful one. But before you make your selection, the primary concern is to clear your all doubts and concerns through a friendly interview-

How to Interview Your Calgary Real Estate Agent?

  • Ask about their experience period in the field of real estate
  • Try to know how many business activities and transactions they have been involved in until now.
  • Ask about their special expertise and professional introduction.
  • Ask about their functional type, either full-time or part-time.
  • Make sure whether they work as an individual broker or associated with a company.

In the course of the interview, it is your equal duty to make sure the agents are equipped with the necessary qualities that are the true reflections of professionalism. Here are three important qualities that should be judged while having a frank interview with the agent-

Optimistic Attitude:

A reliable professional will possess a resolute conviction and logical attitude that remains positive even at the most critical conditions. Even if everything appears to be shattering down in parts, their approach will be assertive while looking for the alternative possibility to hold every fallen piece together and deal with them. In case of any trouble during your home purchasing, a pro will instruct you on how to fix it and assist you to move forward.


A sincerely committed agent in the field of real estate will own excellent communication skills that will effortlessly present his professionalism. Their province chamber will be adequately organized, they will be properly prepared and will proceed to provide you the time required to respond to your inquiries. Their decency and urge to listen to your basic needs will never make you feel hurried or embarrassed when you are communicating with the agent.


An enthusiastic real estate broker always stays up to date in every real estate affair and owns an ongoing follow-up arrangement in position with potential clients and sellers. Not only from a buyer's point of view but an agent must operate as a medium of communication between both the seller and the client. An honest agent will attend the sellers' home and discover the unique aspects, not only to get the best price in the  MLS Calgary listings but also deliver the most suitable accommodations to the buyers on basis of judging the client's needs according to the property features. Each property should be treated individually from the rest and all the beneficial features will be checked and registered on the MLS Calgary listings. An expert agent puts each effort into arranging you the best deal on the house selling or getting you the most appropriate one, as quickly as possible.

Now once you are done with all the interviews and finally pick the best and trustworthy real estate agent in Calgary. The next is-

How to Begin the House Hunting Journey With your Real Estate Agent?

Step 1: Acquiring the Pre-Approval for the Mortgage

For some buyers, the term "mortgage" sounds like a nightmare as not being approved is a prescription for failure! The pre-approval for mortgage releases you the allowance to estimate the budget can afford while buying a house in Calgary. Acquiring the pre-approval for the Mortgage also guarantees you to be in the status to create a competitive proposal when you discover the accurate home, particularly in complicated presentational conditions.

There are two best choices to secure a pre-approval, either consult with a financial agent who's authorized for mortgages at your bank or since you have already appointed yourself the best real estate broker you can frankly communicate with your chosen Calgary real estate agent who is also a mortgage broker and can blindly rely on his expertise in this matter. Here are the reasons why you should mortgage broker to get the fast pre-approval-

  • Better Connections:

Your agent will work with 20 to 60 distinct contributors, including the influential banks, when your bank barely arranges one option for you.

  • Hassle-Free Arrangement:

Your broker will scrutinize your economic status assessing account records, and the kind of house you will be buying. It’s essential to notify them about the type of house you are willing to buy- a home or a condominium so that they can properly calculate pre-approvals for each option within the maximum budget.

  • Cost Saving:

Employing your Calgary real estate agent as a mortgage broker saves the money that you would have spent over the financial agent at the bank. It's an excellent approach to secure in the commending discount rates and making the best economical decisions.

  • Fast Approval:

Your agent, through his expertise and professional connections, will arrange the preapprovals for a mortgage that persist for 90-120 days from the issued date. This interval will offer you enough time to purchase your dream house.

  • Proper Idea of Hidden Charges:

While getting your pre-approval done, your clever agent will make you aware of the “hidden” charges of buying a property from MLS Calgary listings. You may not be prepared to pay the "hidden" costs of purchasing a house, but the agents will present you with a transparent bill that will involve all the actual costs that are going to be added up at the final payment. Here are the expenses that are overlooked as hidden charges-

• Legal charges

• GST if you're buying a brand-new home

• Appraisal compensations (often screened by your mortgage supplier)

• Residence inspections

Step 2: Wish List Your Preferences

The simple and basic step for all property buyers is to make a wish list of their individual preferences that they would like to enjoy in their new property. You can literally discuss with your agent to have refined ideas and evaluate how many of your preferences could be covered in your estimated budget. Here are some clever suggestions-

  1. Make a list that tells about the specific items and things that are very necessary for your living and you can't live without under any conditions.
  2. Make a list of the luxury items and facilities that can make your living thoroughly comfortable.
  3. Make a list of those items or amenities that you strictly want to be withdrawn from your dwelling.

While assessing your preferences for MLS Calgary listings, you can also consider a few additional aspects such as- parking, acceptable amenities, location type- urban, suburban, city center or township, types of homes, access to public transit areas, etc.

Step 3: The House Hunting Process

Once you are done with listing your preferences, now it is time for the house-hunting process. The internet has lots of online websites that give you a plethora of opportunities to make choices accordingly. If your Calgary real estate agent is associated with a broker company, then the whole process is going to be an easy matter for you. Your agent will quickly inform you about the brand-new properties that have recently hit the market. You must be ever ready to inspect a property with necessity despite the market provisions. The availability of the best options at a reasonable rate does not last for too long since the demand gets tremendously high.

Tips to Inspect the Most Suitable Homes with Your Agent

  • Make a strong connection with the proper sellers. Have their contacts and try to analyze their background through past records. Social media can remarkably help you in this matter.
  • Once you are physically inspecting the house for yourself, be a shrewd client and inspect whether the property has every aspect and feature that has been promised by the seller.
  • Try to ask questions and clear your all doubts and queries from the repressive of the property before making a final decision.
  • Before agreeing to the price, make sure you have thorough knowledge about the land price of the property location. However, you can leave this matter up to your real estate agent as this is one of the most significant responsibilities of their duty.

It is always necessary not to rush while finalizing a decision. Have your complete time and give your preferences the top priority while hunting the house of your dreams. Always remember, buying a house is your life's most valuable investment and you will never want to compromise with your desire.

Step 4: Drafting a Proposal to Purchase a Property

Once you finally get the best house option that meets all your needs and preferences, your agent will draft a proposal letter to purchase and sale that will need your inspection and signature. Then the document will be submitted to the seller. This custom-tailored presentation will not only describe all the terms regarding the purchase but also your special condition and requirements. Once both parties, the seller, and the buyer arrive at a mutual agreement, you can proceed to the payment formalities.

Step 5: Closing the Deal

The final duty for the final step is to transfer your deposit to the assigned agent. Your proposal to buy will prescribe when the deposit is outstanding, and your broker will consult with you before writing a presentation with the best time for delivery. Here is a quick review on the down-payments & deposits on the closing deal-

  • The security deposit you propose is transmitted usually within 1-2 market days after a proposal has been admitted for a deal.
  • The security you would normally view on the real estate agreement is in the span of 1-6%, but it would be most propitious that you discuss with your agent to ascertain the correct amount through the property stipulations.
  • Your down-payment must be made on the closing date. If you've agreed with 15% for down finance and you deposited 5%, on the day of closing you must clear the rest 10%.

Once all the terms and conditions are fortified from both sides, and entire formalities reading the payment affairs are cleared, you will be handed over the keys of your brand-new property.

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