Calgary Real Estate in 2013 Question of the month! - Calgary Real Estate

“Have you seen an uptick in Calgary real estate sales, and do you see 2013 as a rebounding year?” During 2012, Calgary real estate, the single family market recorded sales growth of nearly 15 per cent, the strongest level of activity since the recession. The Calgary real estate market has not yet regained that pace, and is not likely to do so this year. The growth in sales activity in 2012 outpaced Calgary new listings, and that depleted average inventory levels by nearly 20 per cent.   Sales activity is up, but prices have not started back yet. The recipe for getting a house sold today is the same as in the past few years: Price the house correctly, have it properly staged and market it professionally. If those three things are accomplished, then the goal of finding a buyer is mostly done. The market is getting better and I believe it will continue to improve and give us opportunities, but we as agents must have the knowledge, spend the time necessary and give 100 percent quality service to our clients!   Do I see 2013/2014 as a good real estate year? Definitely, the answer is ‘yes!’”   Read the Complete 2013 Calgary Real Estate Forecast here  

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