Key take-home points for purchasing semi-detached homes for sale in Calgary

It can be a great idea to defray your costs by buying a two-family house or duplex instead of a single home. You can go one step further and sign a deal with a renter to cover the mortgage. However, is it a fool-proof idea? Are there pitfalls to the move? What if there is a scene change in your life with respect to family, income, or privacy? We understand that there are questions, and you are looking for the right answers.

In the following post, we have gone over the key take-home points that allow you to choose the best semi-detached homes for sale in Calgary. Read on to know more.


The choice of the neighborhood is exceptionally crucial when choosing your dream semi-detached home. Multi-family homes aren't available in every part of the city due to zoning restrictions. However, urban areas have more options when you are looking for Duplexes. Keep in mind the location needs to be popular with the potential tenants or the family if you plan on moving in. Steer clear from the city's less desirable parts and make sure the location you choose has good connectivity with all the major attractions in the locality.


A semi-detached home presents a different sort of challenge when you are going for the financing option. While you can use a mortgage lender, you need to qualify for the purchase. This means you need to have a good credit score and a low debt-to-income or DTI ratio. Additionally, keep in mind that the down-payment can be steep as well, and you are looking at a range of 20% to 25% for every multi-family unity.

Cost of property

Multi-family homes usually cost more than single-family homes. It would be best to come up with a larger percentage when making the down-payment as the property is an expensive one. Remember, you might need additional funding. So, make sure you have contingencies planned to avoid unwelcome surprises down the line.


A semi-detached home is just as the name describes. It is a two-family home where two families might be able to hear each other. Keep in mind if you are the owner of the place, then it is on you to maintain the building and repair the fixtures as and when required. Failure to meet the demands of the tenants may lead to complications and rental issues. On the note of privacy, it is crucial to remember that this is a shared dwelling option, so discuss the matter with your family if you plan on moving in.

Rent collection

In case you plan on renting the attached unit and plan on collecting in-person, you need to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Keep in mind that there is always a possibility that the tenant won't pay the rent on time or at all. This late payment or non-payment will affect your cash flow, and if you are dependent on it, it can be a serious issue. Keep in mind if you are thinking about evicting the tenant, it may take a long time due to the legal proceedings and civil hearings.

Vacancy expense

If you have been able to evict the tenants, then the property's rental portion will be vacant. In case of a lengthy vacancy, you will have to pay the vacancy expense. Quite simply put, you will have to bear the cost of the property's utilities and associated fees until it gets rented again. You might need to go for additional repairs, painting costs, and quick fixes before you can get the unit ready for the new occupants. Additionally, you might also need to advertise the property, which will incur further expenses.


In case you are planning on becoming a landlord, you need to be careful about the tax returns. Keep in mind that it is a bit complex, and you need to go through the dedicated section on residential property taxes from the IRS publication. Remember that there are several tax advantages to be gleaned from such an enterprise, so make sure to read the fine print. Go through the rental income and expenses, depreciation, reporting requirements, and personal use of the property to enjoy brilliant tax benefits, including the option even to write off the expenses connected to the rental income.


Selling a multi-family home is a bit more complicated than single-family homes, and there are several reasons for that. Keep in mind that Duplexes might be upmarket and trendy, but not many actively seek one for regular use. And there is a simple truth that as long as there are single-family homes on the market, Duplexes won't be the favored option. Secondly, a multi-family unit is usually under occupation by two families. So, you need to consider their rights before putting the house up for sale. A failure to do so might lead you into legal troubles.

Last words

Buying a semi-detached home is an excellent option if you are looking to pay your mortgage, but you need to be aware of the potential issues that might crop up as well. Yes, there are several upsides to being a real estate investor or a landlord, but there are hard work and research involved as well. However, we believe that by following our guidelines, you will be able to make an informed choice.

Duplex homes in Calgary are a hugely popular option. Head over to and go through the real estate listings for your dream semi-detached home. Whether you are looking for a community experience or amenities, options like Highland Park and Walden Duplexes are specifically cut-out for every urban need. Find out more about all the sites, and remember that the roster is updated daily so that you won't miss out on any critical updates. Perform a keyword search, include the term "semi-detached homes for sale Calgary," and filter your results based on price, number of bathrooms/bedrooms, locations, and many more. Your ideal Duplex home is just a simple internet search away.


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