Increase the Value of your Calgary Real Estate

Calgary real estate is a very good investment because it not only gives you a place that you can call your own, but it also provides you with an item of value that can be used as a collateral for a sizable amount of money. It can also be sold for a greater value some years down the road. Now the common idea here is to keep your home in great shape in order to make sure that the property value does not decrease in value. What others do not know is that there are ways to increase the value of Calgary Homes without having to purchase the surrounding lot or remodel your home. One sure fire way of doing this is to plant trees, because studies have shown that trees are able to increase a property's value by up to 10%. These are some of the reasons why:


a) Beauty – A tree, especially a mature one, is a good addition to any landscape. It lends a certain appeal to a garden that no other plant can give, because it emanates a sense of comfort through its strength, and beauty through the amount of green that it holds all year round.


b) Environmental Benefits – we all know that every single tree takes in carbon dioxide in order to create fresh oxygen, which is what we breath. There are other benefits though, such as the leaves that it sheds in the fall. These leaves, though we often rake them up and dispose of them, are a good source of fertilizer for the ground. In the long run, they can help keep the land fat and fertile, making the garden easier to maintain as well. Perhaps another item that you can consider when planting trees in Calgary Houses is the fact that these attract wildlife, the most common among them would be the birds. Now these flying animals can also bring along their own benefits, the relaxing chirps in the morning being the least of them. Birds also help decrease the number of insects, and some even help in garden tending by eating most of the seeds that are scattered by weeds, keeping your garden clean of any undesired plants.


c) Personal connection – when you think about it real well, you would come to realize that the best place to stay in a park would be tied between to areas: on park benches, and under the shade of trees. In fact, most adults nowadays would be able to relate their childhood to certain trees that they would go to whenever they have extreme feelings. Having a mature tree in your yard would be like having a brooding ground for anyone who needs a place to think and be alone.


d) Practical value – not all trees just sit there. Others provide edible items that have good nutritional value, usually through the fruits that they produce. If you take good care of your fruit bearing trees, you get really good food that you wouldn't need to pay for, and this is most often the best kind. Home grown fruits can be the sweetest kind as they are most often not exposed to commercial fertilizers, and they are even exposed to the natural elements, and that brings out the flavor.


Trees have a lot of benefits, and these benefits translate into an increase in the value of Calgary Real Estate. So if you have plans of buying a house, or already own one and have a backyard, consider a location where you can plant a tree. You would not just be increasing the value of one of the Calgary houses, but you would also be doing something that would help the world, yourself and the people who might inherit or purchase the house from you.


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