5 Tips to Achieve Real Success in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is booming and making a place for itself among other industries. Living and commercial spaces are usually the topmost priority for people as everybody needs a residence to house their family in or if they want to start with some business, a commercial space is the first place that they need to find in order to run their business successfully and provide a space for their employees to work in. It is really essential to find an appropriate space where you can reside with your family or set up your business for which you would need to consult a real estate agent who would help you review the property, complete the paperwork and negotiate on your behalf with the seller or the buyer in order to close the deal. This comes as a pleasurable experience for agents working in this sphere as they leave the clients with happy faces seeing them reside in the spaces peacefully and setting up their businesses with palpable enthusiasm. Seeing the rising trend in sales, a lot of people have developed an interest in working as a real estate agent and help people buy their dream residential or commercial spaces. People have been increasingly foraying into this venture and making a significant cut for themselves. If we talk about Calgary, Canada there are a lot of successful real estate businesses involved in selling and buying Calgary real estate. This is evident by the huge number of properties listed on MLS Calgary making the real estate business a favorable profession. However, in order to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be dedicated and patient apart from taking care of other things that we would like to mention as tips that are sure to help you become a real success in the real estate business. 

  1. Work on your communication

It is really essential to be a good orator if you want to be a real estate agent that makes an impact and creates an influence of his own. Not listening to the client who wants to sell his property does more harm than any good to your business as most clients are emotionally attached to the property that they are selling, and it becomes personal for them. It is more important for the clients to hand over their properties to a faithful person than just selling it in a haste. Therefore, they would always want to deal with a credible and accountable agent who listens to them and assures them with an apt response to any query they put forth to you. As we all say that the first impression is what matters the most, you need to make sure that whether you interact with your clients on the phone or in-person for the first time, you entrust them with your authenticity and faithfulness. In order to assure them with your business handling and competence, the one thing that is a must for you to learn is how to listen. While selling a property, people tend to speak a lot emotionally about the specifications and other things about the property that they are selling to you. So, you need to make sure that you have listened to all that the client has regarding his property. After you have listened to all they have to say, try to appreciate their outlook and then give your inputs in a very humble manner. Your ultimate aim is to leave clients happy and convinced. A real estate agent with impressive communication skills can also easily convince his clients into buying any property or asset. With good communication, he can also assure his business networks to invest the capital and it would surely help you to procure suitable support needed to expand your business and foray into new ventures. 

2. Build a faithful business network

It is imperative to realize that individuality in any business doesn’t go a long way. You need to make sure that you build a significant network with the people who have achieved a lot in this industry and those who are willing to help budding real estate agents. However, this is not a one-way affair. You will have to make sure that you reciprocate the favor and also help their businesses to grow by recommending them to your new-found clients and provide appropriate help that is needed. This includes bankers who provide loans, investors who are willing to invest, professional organizers that can help arrange events for your company and the interior designers who can then help you design the properties that you want to sell according to the client’s customization. Also, there can be vendors offering other services that you can form your partnership with to work around other things that need to be maintained in the property or asset you want to sell. This goes a long way for your business as these people would recommend your services to the clients who can then verify your services for themselves and then approach you saving you a lot of time and effort. Partnerships should stand upon friendly terms as they can really save you in times of crisis or any financial crunch. Apart from that, you can also partner with marketing groups that could list your properties online and boost sales by posting the specifications of your properties and also provide other details that again would save you your time and effort. You need to realize that support from people who are willing to extend their hand is really necessary in order to go up the ranks, close more sales and make a successful real estate career for yourself.

3. Go for Email marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most freeing and automated ways for converting leads into customers. It's a phenomenal way to save time and you can save thousands of dollars on salaries and outsourcing.

 Email marketing automation basically allows you to automatically send out personalized emails to your potential clients. Email automation is using emails in a sequence to accomplish a goal. Email marketing can be used inside of a sales process to basically send people follow-up emails to ask them how their experience is going in order to build a long-term relationship with your client. You can decide which email you want to send, at what time and to whom. When it comes to email marketing automation, first, you need to determine your goal. Basically, you need to create a list of recipients. These recipients might be the ones who have filled the contact form or the ones who might need some additional information about your services and so on.

If you are looking for higher ROI, client retention or you want to boost up your sales for your real estate business then you must invest your time and money on a powerful automation tool.

Here are some of the best email marketing automation tools that you can choose to shoot your email marketing campaign like a pro:


· Sendinblue

· Constant Contact

· AWeber

. Mailchimp

· Mailjet

· Drip

· ConvertKit

· Infusionsoft

Email marketing automation helps you in saving the time spent on doing paperwork, data entry, social media, and other tasks so that you can invest your valuable time in nurturing leads and closing sales.

Email marketing automation can do wonders for your business, however, at the same time, It can also really affect your business if done incorrectly.

4. Maintain long-lasting relationships with your clients

Never let them think you're out of business. Even though your client has purchased the property and plans never to leave, it's still important to be in touch with them and make them feel that you still have that trust and faith in the business place, the same trust and faith they had in you before purchasing the property. 

You don't need to call them every day. Once in a while or over holidays or in celebrations, your greetings would do just fine. It would help you to build goodwill in the business and would show your clients that you are genuine and do take care of your clients even after the property has been sold. It will make them recommend you to their friends and family.

Maintaining healthy relationships with the client helps you to grow in your business as their word of mouth publicity does marketing for you, without you spending a penny. These act as testimonials of your clients on your services, thus helping you grow in your business place.

Properties listed in any area are moreover the same, not many different ways to portray them. What makes a client choose you over others is just how you treat them, your image in this business means a lot. As most of the time buying a property or selling is a close to heart decision for people, and they look for someone whom they can trust and gather the most useful information from. Be that kind, to build trust with your clients.

To excel in your business, you should have a set of clients that are neither looking to buy nor sell, still maintaining relations with them would help you get the boost in your image in the business as people are more likely to be honest and agree to those whom they trust. Understand their emotions towards the property and deal with them accordingly.

5. Build an online presence

If you're not using any kind of online tool to create your presence in the real estate industry, chances are you could never be on the top of the game. The time has changed, so do the marketing practices. Creating a strong profile on various social media sites will help you to engage with the right set of audiences who are looking for the services you are providing.

Build profiles over various social media platforms and make sure to be active on all of them. Engagement is the key to success when it comes to online presence. Build a website and do its SEO to get on the top of the google searches. Make sure it looks professional. There are a ton of free tools available to help your website rank. 

Do some research and check with the top players, what they're doing creatively to get the most deals out of the market. Figure out what strategy they are using to build a massive audience size. Once you get to know about all the tricks, start implementing them to your website and start preparing a content strategy for at least 30 days beforehand. 

The goal is to build a relevant audience size in the real estate niche with at least 10k following on social media and at least 1k monthly hits on the website. Once this goal is achieved, there is nothing much left to market your deals and ideas. You don't need to spend hours on generating leads. Your name will become a brand and this way people will come up to your door asking for help. 

You need to be resilient and have to keep patience while building your repo using online tools. You'll be facing a lot of troubles, but what's the fun if success comes to you served on a plate. Make sure you're not wasting your time, that's the most valuable currency you've got.

In the past decade, we have seen an exponential rise in the population of people and also a considerable enhancement in their standard of living which has consequently created the need of more spaces for people to live in and to facilitate their work with ease which made real estate industry a preferable place to work with and that has made more people enroll into it and make a career out of it. However, for people, this has always been personal and something that is of sentimental value to them. So, for all the people who want to go on with this real estate profession and become successful in it, they have to keep their integrity on the top and deal honestly. These traits are essential for a real estate agent to flourish and take advantage of the growth that this industry is experiencing. 

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