Calgary Real Estate - Real Estate Color of the Year

This year Calgary real estate builders and Pantone offers us be bold yet sophisticated. The proposed color of the year the brand responsible for defining trends in design, is the Real Estate Color of the Year, synonymous with hope, peace and nature. Being in the range of greens, the emerald conveys the sense of regeneration, growth and renewal. How to apply the color of the year at your Calgary home for Sale? The color of the year, as a trend, has a limited effect in terms of interior design, so you should be careful about the decisions you make to integrate at your Calgary home. Formula used as visual balance within each space. If you decide to take the color of the year in large objects such as a sofa or a full wall of the dining room, balances with other colors in the accessories. Conversely, if the majority decide to keep the visual area in the original color space, you can supplement it with accessories in the color of the green gem. There must be contrasting colors or colors that match perfectly, do not limit yourself, just be aware that work together shades, trust your taste.


1. On the walls. From paint with full color, to place a tapestry that has these shades. Decide the location of the wall taking into account the light source. Find the reflection of light and you will get more intense in color, this will cause spaces tone bathe. Decide which room you want to shower of emerald green and exploits the qualities of freshness and vitality of tone. Instead, you can paint a wall that does not reflect the light source from the area and paint it green, a more sober as a study room or taking advantage of the sophisticated side and lush color.   2. Decorative accessories. Each ornament you use the color of the gem you can display a jewel, like a luxurious object that will attract your attention. Accessories made of materials like glass, some plastics or metals to achieve this tone that glow which refers more directly to the gem. Objects such as vases, jewelry boxes, small boxes, bathroom accessories, glasses and dishes are ideal to place in your house repeatedly.


3. Accessories extras. Bed linen, towels, rugs or cushions are ideal accessories to use the color of the year you can change throughout the year and there are major changes to the overall appearance of your home.


How to combine? It complements the emerald green with beige and neutral bases as white. Think of the game between a white base with a shot of color as vivid as emerald.


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