Calgary Real Estate - Land and Property Titles

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land ownership rights in Calgary. The Land Titles Act provides the legislative framework for the department to register land related documents that both create and terminate legal rights in property. The land registration system used in Calgary is based on the Torrens System of land. Under this system, the Government has custody of all original titles, documents and plans and has the legal responsibility for the validity and security of all registered land title information. Someone who owns surface rights to land owns not only the surface but also the space above it (subject to the rights of others, such as airlines) and any sand, gravel, peat, clay or marl, which can be excavated by surface operations. However, surface rights do not include ownership of minerals. -LAND IDENTIFICATION NUMERIC CODE. This LINC number was initially assigned to each parcel at the time of conversion to electronic format. The LINC number assigned to a parcel of land remains as a permanent identifier of that parcel until the parcel boundaries are changed.

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