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As most of the Calgary loft apartment are built in the place of former warehouses, high ceilings are the first thing to catch your attention upon entering. These high ceilings provide real sense of freedom providing commodious feeling that standard apartments cannot provide. One thing you will never be desperate for, if you live in a loft apartment, is light. Amount of light provided by the sun rays seeping through the rooftop windows is stunning. However, you are not limited to your rooftop windows only as loft apartments are well known to have whole bunch of windows. Loft apartments bath in the light greater part of the day.   Spacious and bright, Calgary Lofts make a perfect fit for artistic atelier, top-quality living room, romantic love nest or a great party spot. High ceilings leave wide wall space open to your artistic touch and décor. Since most of the loft style apartments are found in the rooftop floors you are isolated from the noise of the street, specially if you own of loft in downtown Calgary. Popular, comfortable and modern – loft style apartments are yet to see the brightest moments.

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