Calgary Flooding

The Calgary flooding called for evacuation of a number of Calgary communities that were close to the river. If this is your case, please consider the following information upon re-entering your home or rental property.

Destroy refrigerated and frozen foods which have completely thawed or have spent an unknown amount of time in refrigerators without power. If in doubt, throw it out. Because floodwaters carry disease germs, 
only foods sealed in metal cans are safe. Damaged or blown (bulged) cans should be discarded. If the seal is undamaged, clean the outside of the container 
with a warm detergent solution. A firm brush will be required to clean the area around the rims and caps. Disinfect clean cans in a solution containing chlorine (Javex, Perfex, etc.) or other good disinfectant. 
Rinse and dry the cans before storing to prevent metal corrosion. 

You must dispose of the following if they have come into contact with flood waters:
• the contents of your freezer or refrigerator;
• all meats, fresh fruits and vegetables;
• all boxed foods;
• all products in jars, including home preserves, and all bottled drinks (the area under the seal of jars and bottles cannot be adequately disinfected);
• all medicines, cosmetics and other toilet items. 

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