Calgary Condominiums - Calgary Management Companies

A Calgary Condominium Management Company, is a professional real estate management services company offering condo management services in Calgary to, condo owners associations, commercial properties, and investment properties. In Calgary a property management company acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the condo property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain condo sales records.Calgary Condominium Managment Companies   Property Managment Companies responsabilities are:

  1. Environmental standards
  2. The maintenance of the Condo common properties
  3. The provision of common services
  4. Internal communications
  5. Financial Condo management
  6. General Condo administration
  7. The procurement of Condo insurance
  8. The preparation of tax returns and other reports
  9. Assistance to the Board of Directors on policy matters.

  Some of the Calgary Condominium Managment Companies in Calgary Emerald Management & Realty Ltd 1036 - 10th Avenue S.W.Calgary, Alberta Phone: 403.237.8600 Web Address: Drummer Realty & Property Management 5, 343 Forge Road S.E. Calgary, Alberta Phone: 403.258.2424 Web Address: Diversified Management Southern 218 222 16 Ave NE Calgary, Alberta Phone: 403.230.7376

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