Calgary Condos Ownership On The Rise

A report done by the Bank of Montreal has stated that a larger number of Calgary homeowners will be looking to purchase Condo in the near future. Pollara conducted the report and found that among Calgary's homeowners there was an incredible eight percent increase in Condo Prospects, meanwhile a dramatic decrease of thirteen percent was expected for traditional home ownership.   It was found that Toronto, one of Canada's largest cities, had an increase of eleven percent in prospective buyers for Condos. This stat shows that traditional real estate is becoming less popular with new homeowners, opting for smaller living spaces and spending less on the property. This year there has been over two thousand MLS sales for condos in the city of Calgary, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board. This figure is a large increase from the previous year, almost ten percent. This is great news for condo owners in Calgary, with the average sale price up almost seven percent and set to rise even further during the next few years.   Purchasing a Calgary condo at this present moment appears to be a good investment. With its popularity booming, you would be able to expect a great return on investment if you were to consider becoming a condo owner.

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