Calgary Bus Routes - Calgary Transit Routes

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Route 1- -Bowness / Kensington / Parkdale / Inglewood / Forest Lawn- Map
Route 2- -Mt.Pleasant / Killarney / Mount Royal / 17Ave. / Downtown Calgary / Crescent Heights / Beddington- Map
Route 3- -Elbow Drive / Sandstone / Southland Dr / Anderson Rd / Canyon Meadows / Fish Creek Park- Map
Route 4-- Huntington /North Heaven / Bridgeland / Kensington
Route 5- -North Haven- Map
Route 6--Killarney / 26 Ave 
Route 7--South Calgary Route 9--Varsity Acres / Bridgeland 
Route 10--Dalhousie / Southcentre 
Route 11--Southwest Loop 
Route 12--Southwest Loop 
Route 13--Mount Royal 
Route 15- -Millrise/Bridlewood Route 16--Palliser- Map
Route 17--Renfrew / Spruce Cliff 
Route 18--Lakeview 
Route 19--16 Avenue North 
Route 20--Heritage / Northmount 
Route 21--Castleridge 
Route 22--Dalhousie Route 23--Foothills Industrial 
Route 24--Ogden Route 25--Whitehorn 
Route 26--Dover 
Route 27--Willowglen 
Route 28--Deer Run 
Route 29--Queensland 
Route 30--Highfield Industrial 
Route 31--Downtown Shuttle 
Route 32--Huntington / Sunridge 
Route 33--Vista Heights / Marlborough 
Route 34--Pineridge 
Route 35- -Bonavista/ Canyon Meadows- Map
Route 36--Riverbend 
Route 37--Northwest Loop 
Route 38--Temple 
Route 39- -Acadia- Map
Route 40--Crowfoot / North Hill 
Route 41--Lynnwood 
Route 42--Marlborough 
Route 43--Northwest Loop 
Route 44--Deer Ridge 
Route 45--Abbeydale/Applewood 
Route 46--Beddington 
Route 47--Lakeview / Chinook Station 
Route 48--Rundle 
Route 49--Forest Heights 
Route 50--Forest Lawn 
Route 51--Penbrooke 
Route 52--Evergreen/Somerset 
Route 53--Signal Hill 
Route 54--Edgevalley 
Route 55--Falconridge 
Route 56--Woodbine 
Route 57--Airport / Erinwoods 
Route 58- -Rocky Ridge- Map
Route 59--Saddlecrest 
Route 60--Martindale 
Route 61--Taradale 
Route 62--Hidden Valley Express 
Route 63--Lakeview Express 
Route 64--MacEwan Express 
Route 66--Blackfoot Express 
Route 67--Signal Hill Express 
Route 69--Deerfoot Centre 
Route 70--Valley Ridge Express 
Route 72--Circle Route 
Route 73--Circle Route 
Route 75--Riverbend 
Route 76- -Hawkwood- Map
Route 77--Edgemont 
Route 78- -Sundance/Chaparral- Map
Route 79- -Acadia / Oakridge- Map 
Route 80--Oakridge / Acadia 
Route 81--Macleod Trail 
Route 83--Parkland 
Route 84--Palliser 
Route 85--Saddleridge 
Route 86--Coventry Hills 
Route 88--Harvest Hills 
Route 89--Lions Park 
Route 90--Foothills North 
Route 91--Lion's Park/Brentwood (Foothills Hospital / Children's Hospital) 
Route 92- -Douglasdale- Map
Route 95--Westwinds Business Park 
Route 96- -McKenzie- Map
Route 98--Scenic Acres 
Route 101--Coach Hill Route 102--Douglasdale Express 
Route 103--McKenzie Express 
Route 104--Strathcona 
Route 105--Bowness 
Route 106--Killarney 
Route 107--South Calgary 
Route 108--Richmond Road 
Route 109--Harvest Hills Express 
Route 110--Douglas Glen Express 
Route 112--Sarcee Road 
Route 113--Montgomery 
Route 114--Panorama/Country Hills 
Route 116--Coventry Hills Express 
Route 117--McKenzie Towne Express 
Route 118--Hidden Valley 
Route 119--16 Avenue North 
Route 122--Varsity 
Route 125--Erin Woods 
Route 126--Applewood 
Route 128--Citadel Express 
Route 129--Arbour Lake Express 
Route 130--Tuscany Express 
Route 133--Cranston Express 
Route 136--Riverbend 
Route 137--Northwest Loop 
Route 142--Panorama Express 
Route 143--Northwest Loop 
Route 144--69th Street Express 
Route 145--Northland 
Route 146--Beddington 
Route 148--Rocky Ridge Express 
Route 151--New Brighton Express 
Route 153- -Copperfield- Map
Route 154--Hamptons 
Route 158- -Royal Oak- Map
Route 166--Glenbrook Express 
Route 174--Scenic Acres Express 
Route 176-- 52 St. Express 
Route 178- -Sundance- Map 
Route 179--Cougar Ridge Express 
Route 181--MRC North Express 
Route 182--MRC South Express 
Route 199--Citadel 
Route 201--CTrain Somerset-Bridlewood/Dalhousie 
Route 202--CTrain McKnight-Westwinds/City Centre 
Route 299--Arbour Lake 
Route 301--BRT Westside Rec. Centre/Country Village Link 
Route 401--Patterson/Glenbrook 
Route 402- -Silverado / Spruce Meadows / Somerset- Map  
Route 403--Inner City Loop 
Route 404--North Hill 
Route 405--Hillhurst 
Route 406- -Auburn Bay / Cranston / Somerset- Map
Route 407--Greenwood/Lions Park 
Route 408--Valley Ridge Route 409--Douglas Glen 
Route 409- -Douglas Den- Map
Route 410--Glenmore Business Park 
Route 411--Rosedale East Calgary 
Route 413--Cranston 
Route 414--14 Street Crosstown 
Route 415--Bonavista 
Route 416--McKenzie Towne 
Route 419--Parkhill/Foothills 
Route 420--Kincora 
Route 421--Tuscany 
Route 427--Hanson Ranch 
Route 428--Saddleridge 
Route 429--Sherwood 
Route 430--North Crosstown 
Route 433--Inner City Loop 
Route 436--Taradale 
Route 438--Discovery Ridge 
Route 439- -Westside Rec. Centre- Map
Route 440--Chateau Estates 
Route 449--North Hill/MacEwan 
Route 453- -West Springs- Map 
Route 456- -Aspen Woods- Map
Route 502--Heritage Park Shuttle (Summer) 
Route 506--Chinook Centre Shuttle 
Route 555--Dashmesh Centre (Only on Sunday)


Calgary Transit and Bus Routes news, the new Calgary Transit Route 152 will provide peak-hour transit service to all quadrants of New Brighton, which currently only sees a bus run through its southeastern outskirts. The bus will then connect up with a terminal at McKenzie Towne, allowing travellers to catch a connection on Route 406 to the newly opened South Health Campus or Route 302, which takes commuters downtown.

Calgary Transit Route 302 will also extend down to the health campus once construction is done on 52nd Street S.E. and the Bus Route 14 will also extend to the South Health Campus, past its current endpoint of the Somerset-Bridlewood LRT station.

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