5 Tips to Always Be Right While Buying a Home in Calgary

Calgary is a beautiful city which lies in the western Canadian province of Alberta. A sprawling and a city full of life, this city is popular for its famous monuments and cultural sites. The city is the largest in the province of Alberta and has the highest number of millionaires per capita of any major Canadian city. This comes with a consistent demand for real estate and properties which this city has no dearth of. The thriving and bustling ambiance of the city with its well-laid roads and some of the best infrastructural facilities made this city the most livable city in North America in both 2018 and 2019 according to The Economist Intelligence. It would be a shame not to mention the two creeks and two rivers that flow through Calgary making it all the more a reason to reside in this highly developed city and appreciate mother nature at its best. From its pleasant climate to its metropolitan ecosystem, this city certainly ranks itself on top when it comes to livability. Calgary also makes itself a fine place to live as it has some of the most amazing cultural attraction spots that are sure to make you gloat with pride for your city’s amazing monumental heritage and its sophisticated modern infrastructure. The neighborhood around the city is another great attraction that is worth mentioning as it is posh, green and immaculate just like a metropolitan city should be making the city an ideal place to buy your next property or real estate in. Several of Calgary’s neighborhoods were earlier separate municipalities which were then annexed and included in the city itself which provides the city with more space and offers more feasibility to buy a home and live with your family. Also, the climate of the city is never too extreme. It has a humid continental climate which is not too harsh for anybody making the city all the more liveable for anyone belonging to any part of the world. Also, the ethnic distribution of people in the city is diverse and people from all ethnicities have a fair share of numbers in this city which makes it a very tolerant place welcoming any community that wants to buy a dwelling for themselves and harmonize with the city’s population. However, apart from some common practices that are involved in buying real estate, there are also some tips that can be of great use to buyers and would guide them on how to take the first baby steps whenever you decide to buy a home for your family. The purpose is to address the dilemma that buyers have about buying a home for themselves or their families by providing some of the most helpful tips that could kickstart and catalyze the home hunting process. that buyers make while buying a property and also provide suggestions to clear the doubts that buyers have before buying Calgary real estate or a home. Here are 5 tips to always be right while buying a home in Calgary

 1. Know the budget- The first and foremost thing that needs to be taken care of is the budget on which you want to buy a house for yourself. Deciding the budget prior to home hunting would clear a lot of air for you as it would help you be sure about the kind of neighborhood and also the kind of home that you want to house your family in which saves you a lot of time and effort. Calgary has all kinds of homes to buy ranging from single-family condos to large luxury houses. However, the kind of budget that you pre-decide as your home fund largely personalizes the choices that you have for your haven. Also, the budget considerably decides the accommodation needs that you have for your family that you can later customize according to the space that your to-be home provides. For e.g. a playroom for your toddler or a bedroom with an open balcony. Being fixated on the budget and finding a place accordingly prevents the confusion and discrepancies between you and the broker that you hire for assistance confining your home hunting to the localities that you can afford a house in. Also, the budget should facilitate the repairs and the customized renovation that you would like to be undertaken at your newly bought home. 

2. Get pre-approved mortgage- If you are looking for lending money to buy your home in Calgary, you can opt for mortgaging. However, you need to ensure that you have only a moderate number of other debts and that you will not be having financial crunches in the process of repayment of loans. Thankfully, there are a lot of mortgage brokers and lenders that provide capital for any Calgary real estate property that you want to buy on affordable down payment rates and modest interest rates. However, that requires you to prequalify or pre-approved for a mortgage. For this, you need to provide all your financial information beforehand to the mortgage broker or the lender who will then review all your financial records such as your income, the investments that you have made, the savings you have and the frequency of transactions that would make the lender decide as to how much he can lend you. This will clearly draw a price spectrum for you on which you can distribute your expenses among the buying, repairs, and renovation of the house. Once you are pre-approved with the credit, a paper trail that needs to be submitted to the lender which may include your bank account statements, transaction history or your paycheck stubs. Once you are through, the half battle would have been already won. Now that you have procured the capital needed, you only have to decide what all housing properties are available in Calgary that would match your budget range. 

3. Do your own research- It sometimes becomes quite cumbersome to have a lot of people advising you on what property to look for and how you should get it renovated and stuff like that. However, this comes as perplexing stress which could impulsively make you buy a house that was never designed for you and your family living needs. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, we can browse through a plethora of customized ideas that are sure to match the personal residential needs of you and your family. You can always see numerous properties that are listed under MLS Calgary listings online. You can also skim through a lot of videos that feature renovation ideas and makes it easy for you to picture the kind of house that you want for yourself and will help you know the specifications which would certainly narrow down the list for you helping you buy the house in a much shorter span to get other things run faster. Also, the importance of finding the right real estate agent can never be emphasized enough. It is an imperative step in the process of home hunting as a wrong move here could cost you big money if the deal turns out to be fraudulent. It would be a wise idea to also look for real estate agents online and also see the properties that they have sold till now. Try to also browse through the reviews of the customers that have taken the services of these real estate agents and then come to a decision of choosing that one agent that could fetch you a great deal and an amazing house to live in. The Internet could also give you a fair picture of the neighborhood around a certain property. 

4. Find an adaptable neighborhood- Finding a neighborhood that suits your needs of housing your family or setting up your business is the initial step that is worth considering before you contact a realtor. Neighborhood plays a big part in the wellbeing of your family and yourselves as it largely defines the kind of lifestyle you will be carrying out on a daily basis and also the surrounding that, for obvious reasons influence our personality. Calgary has been quite fortunate to have an amazing green shade and a range of sprawling trees that runs throughout the city making the city breathe fresh throughout the year. So, you can be pretty assured to be hail and healthy when it comes to the city’s environmental ambiance. Also, the city is developed enough to have hospitals, schools, entertainment spots, restaurants, etc. in close proximity to every point or residential area within the city limits. However, if you have too specific of a need like your children studying in a certain school and you consider having a home near your children’s school, knowing about the neighborhood in that event would go a long way enhancing your living experience. Also, the people who reside around that neighborhood can also be approached to know more about the basic amenities and the facilities provided by that particular neighborhood. However, you can always use the internet to know the detailed information on all the landmarks and the places around the house that you want to buy.

5. Get a home inspection done- This is an important step as it decides whether the agreement has been done on legitimate grounds and that, the negotiation deal has been fair for both the seller and the buyer. In Canada, a contract would not be rendered valid unless it is inspected by the team of inspectors and agents. So, it is a mandatory step before coming to a decision of closing the deal. These inspectors are licensed and those who have completed an approved training course under the licensing board which covers a comprehensive approach of inspecting a property and its specifications the right way. Usually, your real estate agent will help you arrange a home inspection team within a few days of the acceptance of both the parties involved in the deal.  The team will then come to inspect if there are any damages in the property that needs to be fixed and it will prepare a detailed report on all their findings which is then intimated to both the buyer and the seller. Based on the findings, you could know the actual situation of the property and that the information given by the seller regarding the property is not misleading. and then you could rethink your decision to sealing the deal. This is like a contingency for you that opens the window of renegotiation or withdrawal from the deal without any penalty. However, you can also choose to ask the seller to fix anything that has been found faulty in the house. This imperative exercise should be undertaken with a lot of concern and coordination as it is regulated under the government and it also helps prevent you from any unexpected accidents and unwanted faults in the house which can make your living experience sour. 

Calgary has been known to be a city that is welcoming and that diffuses a serene and pleasant experience to anyone who decides to settle in this beautiful city. The well-laid roads are like a cake to drive on and the swaying trees on either side of the road make it all the more a reason to drive around and treat your eyes with the amazing attraction spots that make this city a finely maintained cultural heritage. The city of Calgary has also made great strides through some programs in terms of sanitation and ecological balance making the city earn the top spot in cleanliness making the quality of living a very sophisticated and delightful affair. There could be a lot of other things that you would want to consider but we can surely say that if you follow these basic rudimentary tips, you are sure to find an ideal house for you and your family in this beautiful one of a kind city. 

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