A number of complaints are received by City of Calgary every year for new amateur radio antennas erected in residential areas, but is important to know that he City of Calgary is not the approving authority for amateur radio antenna support structures. The federal Minister of Industry is the approving authority for the development and operation of radiocommunication in Canada, including amateur radio antenna support structures. Where an antenna structure is to be constructed or modified in a residential land use district, these are some of the requirements that the home owner shall met to the satisfaction of the City Administration: 

 a) no structure shall be erected in a front yard; 
b) no structure shall be located in a minimum required rear or side yard, unless attached to the principle building; 
c) except where attached to the principal building, no guy wires or other similar structural support devices shall be provided; 
d) no antenna boom or other appurtenance attached to the tower structure shall project within 1 metre (3.28 feet) of any property line of the site; 
e) no structure shall be illuminated or carry advertising, flags, graphics or other such devices unrelated to the function of an amateur radio antenna structure, except for warning markings and lights required by other federal or provincial legislation; and 
f) visual screening shall be provided that masks at least the lower 3 metres (9.84 feet) of the structure through the use of appropriate landscaping measures. 

The City of Calgary reviews and evaluates submissions for amateur radio antenna support structures. Some of the elements analyzed, evaluated and decided upon in reaching a decision to either support or not support a submission are: 
• proposed location on the property; 
• other existing and proposed on-site structures; 
• adjacent residential properties and their existing and proposed structures; 
• compliance with The City’s Protocols For Amateur Radio Antenna Support 

Structures In Residential Areas; 

design aspects of the proposal, including: height, colour, type of support structure (lattice work, monopole),  freestanding support structure or attached to the dwelling, structural supports required (brackets, guy wires, etc.),  number, type and size of antennas,  location of the support structure on the site,  distance to property lines,  distance to nearest adjacent dwelling(s)  proposed signage, markings and lighting, landscaping and screening to reduce visual impacts on adjacent  properties (Note: applies to the bottom 3 metres of the antenna support structure as measured from grade),  impact potential on on-site parking facilities, access to the property, garbage facilities and utility R.O.W.s, and removal of redundant antenna support structure(s) and antennas (if a rebuild or replacement is being proposed). 

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