Calgary Grow Ops 

So how can you tell if a marihuana grow-op or drug lab is operating in your Calgary community? Here are some tell-tale signs to look for: 

Signs to look:

  • Evidence of tampering with the electric meter (damaged or broken seals) or the ground around it.
  • Homes made to look lived-in by things like light-timers, but very few people are seen coming in and out of the home. 
  • Late night or very short visits by people.
  • Strange smells or overpowering smells of fabric softener.
  • Water lines and/or electrical cords running to the basement or outbuilding. 
  • People bringing unusual items into the house, such as bags of soil, garden hose, plastic PVC pipe, chicken wire, plant roots and potting plants. 
  • Excess potting soil or other grow mediums around the residence or in the immediate area- .People continually bringing items and taking items away in garbage bags. Windows that are always covered.
  • Residence or outbuilding has unusual amount of roof vents or exhaust fan noises. .Outbuildings have air-conditioners.  
  • Unusual amounts of steam coming from vents in the house in cold weather . 
  • A house rooftop with no snow on it when the roofs of surrounding houses are snow- covered.
  • High condensation around windows. .Little or no garbage being put out.
  • Individuals arriving at the house to put out the garbage, shovel the snow or cut the lawn and then leaving immediately.
  • People entering and exiting the residence only through the garage keeping the garage door closed.
  • People seen coming and going from the house only every week or so.
  • New neighbours never taking furniture or groceries into the house.
  • House or utilities obtained under assumed names with payment made in cash.
  • House rented under assumed names with payment made in cash.
  • Purchase of very expensive heat lamps for unexplained reason.
  • Unexplained and unseasonably high utility bills.
  • Property with excessive security (e.g. guard dogs, "keep out" signs, high fences, heavy chains and locks on gates).
  • The building of a large green house or tin barn on property where these structures would normally not be utilized.
  • Unusual amount of vehicular traffic (especially at night) carrying unknown individuals on and off the property with entrance gates always being locked after entry.
  • Large purchases by individuals of fertilizer, garden hose, plastic PVC pipe, chicken wire, long pieces of 2X2lumber, different sizes of pots (utilized for different stages of growing plants). Machetes, camouflage netting, camouflage clothing, various sizes of step ladders (up to 18 to 20 feet) usually painted with green and brown paint, green plastic garden tie materials, cans of green spray paint, large trash bags, lanterns, portable heaters (such as large kerosene heaters), extension cords, heat lamps and fans.

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Listing information last updated on June 25th, 2017 at 7:45pm MDT.