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Harmony in Springbank SW Calgary is a visionary 1,700-acre village concept featuring a self-contained water system, recreational lake and a 27-hole championship golf course. Harmony is an innovative lifestyle community situated just west of Calgary in Springbank. It is the only approved master-planned community in the area and will incorporate 3,500 homes, a +/- 135 acre recreational lake, 27 hole championship golf course and 138 acre employment campus, all centered around a village core that will provide local boutique retail opportunities and community gathering spaces for its residents and neighbours. Harmony construction is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2014 with showhomes scheduled to open in September, 2015

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Calgary Luxury Real EstateThe sale of a penthouse in the luxury residential development in the city of Calgary confirms the interest in Calgary luxury real estate. "THE RIVER", luxury residential development of Calgary, has broken his own record, and the city, real estate sales of condos to date. The penthouse of 5,626 square feet (2,950 square feet with additional outdoor space) was sold for 8.99 million Canadian dollars, surpassing the record of previous development of a sale of 8.3 million Canadian dollars. Located in one of the most sought after waterfront properties and unique to Calgary, the River is truly unique and defines the new concept of luxury condominiums in the city. Together with the Princeton building in Eau Claire, the new cono building offers the metropolitan

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Mortgage Calculator for CalgaryCalgary Real Estate Mortgage Calculator 

As the Calgary banks get picky about who they'll lend money to in the Calgary housing market, -Industry experts suggest the big banks are currently rejecting as much as 20 per cent of mortgage applications because they don’t qualify for CMHC insurance. Self-employed people, recent immigrants and those with poor or no credit history are benefiting from Canada's once-small but now booming subprime mortgage industry. Alternative lenders like Home Capital Group, Equitable Group and Counsel Corp. have stepped in to fill the market niche of funding borrowers who don’t meet traditional lending requirements — known in the industry as “subprime” borrowers. 

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Living in Calgary

Calgary Real Estate - Remember to Breathe!

If you are thinking in buying Calgary Real Estate, remember to breathe! Alberta's expansive wilderness boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and authentic outdoor experiences you can imagine. Alberta bustling cities are full of urban sophistication and old fashioned hospitality,  take pleasure from the fact that you live in a country consistently rated by the UN as the world's best country to live in. 


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SE Calgary Seton Retail Center 

If you are a Canadian sun-seeker, you are likely aware that Calgary holds the title for being the nation’s sunniest location. With an annual average of almost 333 days of shining sun each year, this is the best place to load up on Vitamin D north of the 49th parallel. But the innovative minds behind the new Seton Urban District have found another way to put the city’s solar rays to good use. The community of Seton in SE Calgary will include a park, a public library, schools, a recreation center, roughly 2.5 million square feet in store and office space, over 1300 multi-family residences, two hotels, and the South Health Campus (SHC).

Seton’s Regional Retail now open includes: Save on Foods, Shoppers DrugMart, Bank of

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Calgary Land Titles

Land and Property Titles in Calgary

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land ownership rights in Calgary. The Land Titles Act provides the legislative framework for the department to register land related documents that both create and terminate legal rights in property. The land registration system used in Calgary is based on the Torrens System of  land. Under this system, the Government  has custody of all original titles, documents and plans and has the legal responsibility for the validity and security  of all registered land title information. Someone who owns surface rights to land owns not only the surface but also the space above it (subject to the rights of others, such as airlines) and any sand, gravel, peat, clay or marl,

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Real Estate Maps CalgaryIn Calgary Real estate business is at its all time high with people investing in all corners of this marvelous part of Canada. However, things tend to get crazy for first time buyers who have little to no idea on where to start their real estate search. 

First home buyers have so many things to consider when searching for property, whether they are planning to settle in or sell it at a profit. The fact that every single buyer has their own budget in mind when searching for a home makes things even more complex. This is where Calgary Real Estate Maps come in. Calgary Real Estate Maps make use of internet mapping technology to give you all the information you need on homes for sale in any neighborhood or street in Calgary. This ensures you save both

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If you have been looking through the Calgary listings and contemplating your housing options, you should be aware of the advantages that are associated with owning your own home. Calgary Real Estate can help you find the perfect home of your dreams once you realize that Calgary renting is not the most beneficial housing option. Many Calgary homes are available for individuals that want to gain the benefits associated with home ownership and move away from rental properties.

One of the most impactful benefits that can be gained from home ownership is an investment in your future. Every payment that you make toward your home allows you to become one step closer to attaining complete ownership. All of the improvements that you make to your home only

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The majority of Calgary real estate, have already changed hands at least once.  This means that the lands will have a history, and not all of them may make their buyers want to own the property.  This may be the same for the land that you would want to purchase, and as a prospective real estate buyer you would want to know all things, good bad and ugly, about the land that you would want to own.  Instead of just taking the word of the seller of the property, do a little research. Check the maps – papers hold a lot of information, especially those that show the property that you are buying as well as the surrounding areas.  Note the near bodies of water including the dams, and take into consideration the elevation of the area.  There are also certain maps

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Luxury Homes and Condos in CalgaryCalgary real estate is doing really well at the moment and is one of the best performing sectors in the nation’s economy. Many investors are seeking opportunities in Canadian real estate and one of the most promising cities is Calgary, Alberta. Both buyers and sellers looking for property, especially those seeking to sell or buy luxury Real Estate in Calgary will have ample opportunity to do so. Luxury Listings>>

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